Welcome Back Summer Package

What's up campers? We've really missed seeing you at class.  Life can certainly get busy, but we want to help you make working out and getting back into the best shape of your life a TOP priority in the coming months.  That's why we created a Welcome Back Summer Package specifically designed for old members to find their love for fitness again. 

We know it takes mental and physical energy to get back into it, and there is no time like the present.  Plus- we really have missed you!  

welcome back summer package


  1. 50% off first month
  2. A free meal plan, tailored to your dietary needs and restrictions
  3. A free box of spark energy (what?!)

We’d love to be able to get you back on track with your fitness and meal planning so that you can shred for summer (and feel your absolute best!). Click here to view our workout schedule and find a time and sessions that are convenient for you.  

A lot has changed since we've seen you last!  (and we don't mean we've stopped enjoying mimosas on holidays with the crew or eating home cooked celebratory cinnabons).  We've grown our tribe, added classes, opened new workout locations, started corporate training programs, and so  much more! There's no doubt about it- we are growing and spreading the love for fitness all over our beautiful SD county. But, there is one thing that's still missing...that's you!