Camper Spotlight: Janie Feuille

Camper spotlights are really fun to share with our readers.  We love sharing Janie's journey, and hope you will find it motivating, too.  Janie has been coming to bootcamp for quite some time, and those that workout with her love her infectious attitude and hard-core commitment.  Janie's a fighter and that's why we love her!

Camper Spotlight: Janie Feuille

Camper spotlight at bmorfit bootcamp san diego

"Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a spinal injury called "Sponde" (short for bone rubbing against bone on my L5 S1lower back). I went from being a big runner and hiker and Zumba girl to nothing.  Everything was so painful.  I could not even sit in a chair, needed the roller ball to sit.  My 8-mile weekly hikes also ended as I would just shuffle my Feet after 4 miles and would have to stop and stretch just to move forward.

One of my best friends got into Boot camp and loved it.  I decided to give that a shot.  My first question to three different "instructors " was "do you know what Spondilolitheses is?  Always a "nope".  Then I met Corey at BMorFit.  His comment was I do not, BUT I will research to see if I can help you get stronger without any injuries.

I have been going to BMorFit with Corey for over two years now 3 to 4 times a week. Never had an injury in my back yet...and made some great friends.  Today I can hike 12 miles, go Paddle boarding, run around the park and sit in a real chair.  I am Pain free and very active again outside.  I actually Love going to BMorFit every week!!!

It has never been the same workout in over two years; the music is awesome, instant friendships.  What other boot camp are you going to go to where you can bring your dog, baby or attitude and after one hour be laughing feeling like Yes I a Did It with no pain!  My physical therapists had not seen me for a year.  His comment was this. "Whatever you are doing. Keep it up. Your core and back and entire body are sooo much stronger!!!  Now...if I could just cut back on my wine and dark chocolate, I would be a fit stick!!  One more thing. I love Corey, his family and his genuine heart to help us be the best we can in all areas if our lives!!!  I love BMorFit."

In health,
Coach Butts