An Attitude of Gratitude

Wow, what an awesome week! How's everyone doing with their goals? Are you making the correct changes needed to help you achieve your goals? Every day is a new opportunity to move forward, to grow, to learn more about you and achieve greatness! 

Every morning I wake up and give thanks then, I text my bro Oz and tell him rise and shine its AB time! And to have a successful day. Yesterday when I texted him with my morning jingle.  He replied, "Morning comes to soon some do you do it every day?" My response was simple, Because, I'm excited to get up and move!

The people who make my world go round... 

The people who make my world go round... 

Every morning you should get excited about the day ahead of you. Starting your day with a positive attitude makes all the difference in the world! It sets your day up for success. You make your our success. You control your emotions, not the things around you. If the things around you bring a bad vibe, remove them from your life. It's up to YOU! You know the saying, "positive in, positive out."? If you've never heard it, you have now! I want you to remember it and when things don't go exactly the way it should, just remember the mantra "positive in, positive out"; it helps bring you back to center and back to an optimistic space.

In health, 
Coach Butts